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31 July 2019

 updates from SSANZ and COLFO and, if you haven't already done so please sign for the Fair and Reasonable Campaign

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: A Broad Precis Of the Proposed New Arms ActDate: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:30:00 +1200


A broad precis of the purpose of the new law as contained in the Strengthening the Framework for the Safe Use and Control of Firearms cabinet document is as follows;

    The new law seeks to balance safe and legitimate use of firearms while managing the risk of harm and public safety.  It will contain a purpose statement that it is a privilege to possess and use firearms Firearm owners, users, dealers and importers have a responsibility to act in the interests of personal and public safety.


     A central national firearm register will be established

     It will have the capability of monitoring, tracking and recording individual firearms

     It will contain all licence holders details, including firearm licence number, expiry date and endorsements

     It will detail each firearms make, model and number

     It will identify the location of those firearms

     All sales and transfers will be recorded

     A licence will be required to buy firearm magazines and parts

     Private firearm sales will be allowed and these sales will be recorded in the new registry

     The information in the registry will be built up over five years


     Licensing processes will be strengthened to ensure only fit and proper persons can possess firearms

     The new Act will set out the knowledge, positive behaviour and skills necessary to obtain a  firearm licence

     It will specifically ban anyone with convictions during the last 10 years for serious drug offences, organised crime, violence or firearm offences and longer term protection orders.

     Anyone with those convictions with a firearm licence will have their licence revoked

     When assessing if a person is fit and proper, police will be able to take into account any concerning pattern of behaviour such as substance abuse, being the subject of a protection order, showing no regard for firearm laws, serious offending, crimes involving violence, drugs or alcohol, is a member or affiliate of gangs or organised crime, been the aggressor in serious family violence, exhibited significant mental health, attempted suicide or other self-harm, show disregard for private and Crown land and property, or is a risk to national security.

     Licence holders will have to disclose serious mental health changes, or permanent physical disability affecting safe firearm use, or anything else that would affect them being a fit and proper person, such as drug abuse, gambling addiction or violence.

     Health practitioners will have a responsibility to notify police if a firearm licence holder shouldn't be permitted to use their firearms

     All such information on a persons suitability to hold a firearms licence must be substantiated

     The registry may supply applicants with the results of their fit and proper assessment


     New firearms licence will be valid for five years

     Existing ten year licence will be grand parented

     Licence fees will increase in order to cover costs to either partially or fully cover the full cost of licences

     The new law will specifically require licence holders to be responsible to act in the interests of personal and public safety

     Security arrangements for firearm storage will be able to be inspected by police with reasonable notice

     Security will be required in vehicles

     No limit will be put on the number of firearms which can be held by a person


     Overseas visitors will be able to bring their own firearms into New Zealand but they must be registered upon arrival

     Visitors will not be able to buy firearms while in New Zealand


     The new law will clarify who is a dealer

     The fit and proper test for dealers will be strengthened so police are satisfied a dealer has excellent character and sound technical capability

     The new Act will specify positive examples which demonstrate a person can hold a dealerā€™s licence


     The new Act will require shooting clubs and ranges be licensed

     This system will be graduated depending on the size and nature of a club or range

     The Act will contain a definition of a club or range and the requirements on the owner, operator or manager, risk management, monitoring and training of users, instructors and supervisors

     A licensed operator must be of excellent character


     The Act will provide a decision review process


     Police will be able to issue Improvement Notices requiring licence holders to comply with specific parts of the new Act which aren't being met

     A licence can be revoked if the Improvement Notice requirements aren't met

     The new Act will allow police to immediately seize firearms when the process for revoking a licence begins

     Existing offences and penalties will be updated

     The new Act will allow fees to be set to recover direct and indirect costs, the methods for cost recovery, what cost recovery will apply to and the  ability to waive, exempt or refund fees

     The Minister of Police will report back to Cabinet at the end of 2019 on the cost of operating the new firearms law and options for cost recovery.

     The new Act will allow regulation and notice making powers to expand or explain regulations.  These must be approved by the Minister of Police


     The drafting of the new Act will consider how a firearm register will share information with other government departments

     This sharing provision will be similar to the Intelligence and Security Act 2017

     All sharing provisions will operate within the Privacy Act 1993.


     An import permit will be required to import any quantity of ammunition.

    Ammunition retailers will have to hold a current firearm licence.  They will have to keep records and report unusual behaviour.

     It will be an offence to possess ammunition without an appropriate firearms licence

     The Firearms Community Advisory Forum has been told by Police that the new law will not restrict or affect handloading of ammunition.

     There will be requirements for advertising firearms.

     A permit will be required to import blank firing firearms to ensure they cannot be converted to fire live ammunition.


     The new Act will require the establishment of a stakeholder advisory group to provide critical independent advice to the Commissioner of Police

     This group will have up to nine members with renewable three year terms of office

     Members will come from the firearms community and wider non-firearms community

     It will provide an annual report on its operations

     The group will be deemed a Statutory Board for the purposes of the Fees and Travelling Allowances Act 1951


     The new Act will be reviewed after five years

     There will be no exemption for sports shooters to use prohibited firearms in competitions

     Endorsements on licences allowing possession of restricted firearms such as pistols will last for the period left on the individual's licence.  A new application for an endorsement will have to be made when applying for a licence renewal.

     A pest control endorsement will only last for two years, or the length of time left on the licence, whichever is shorter.

     The new Act will be binding on the Crown.  At the moment, there are exceptions for government agencies with policing and defence responsibilities.

     The new Act will contain modern language and usage where appropriate.


27th April 2019

Government Gun Buy Back Scheme Grows by 43 Million Dollars a Day

I warned the government that a rushed gun buy back would cost the taxpayers a billion dollars. That is only IF lawful shooters were cheated out of another billion dollars in accessories. That is only BEFORE another billion is wasted on the proposed new registration systems.

Now that has been confirmed.

21 MARCH 2019 – Prime Minister Jacinda Adrern and her Police Minister Stuart Nash release a Beehive press release claiming that the buyback will cost “In the range of $100m-$200m”.

2 APRIL 2019 – The NZ Herald are told that “Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says the gun buyback programme could cost $300m”.

10 APRIL 2019 – Newshub report that Police Minister Stuart Nash said “Even if it costs $1 billion, he’ll do it”.

Only weeks later Tasman mayor Richard Kempthorne confirmed that compensation for forest fires would now be effected by the billion dollar Gun Buyback.

What a difference 21 days makes.

The government estimate has grown by FORTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.

Going by the average New Zealand house price – that would get more than 60 kiwi families a home. Every day.

Spoiler alert – it will go higher.

This is where an opposition party would be good. But National is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile Police have already lost guns surrendered under the new law to burglars. Taken from their own station. While they were there.

Gangs have already laughed at the suggestion that they will surrender arms.

At least Toronto are offering to include illegal guns in their buyback scheme. So it is not only the lawful who are punished. But not here.

How many others in genuine need will now lose vital funding so Jacinda Adern can enjoy being on magazine covers?


9th April 2019

The Final report of the Finance and Expenditure Committee


The Final report of the Finance and Expenditure Committee – Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill is available.

Click HERE to download.

Click HERE for the proposed bill:

Click HERE for the interim report:

Click HERE for the Supplementary Order Paper

The entire process was a mockery of democracy. So 13,000 submissions were read, studied and complied into a report. Then read and carefully considered by the committee in two days. Before their own recommendations were complied into a report?

Sure. OK then

herald sun



22nd March 2019

Prime Minister Bans Semi Auto Rifles - More Restrictions Promised.

More information here:


16th March 2019


Labour Government to Look at Gun Law Changes


Jacinda Adern has just declared that her government will likely seek changes to our gun laws. This after the terror attack in Christchurch.

So.... One madman kills 49 innocents with a gun, in revenge for a Muslim killing 86 innocents with a truck. So attacking sport shooters will make it all better?

She seems to have forgotten that 9/11 was the result of planes. The FBI building was destroyed with a homemade truck bomb. The French journalists were silenced with smuggled machine-guns.

It is disgraceful for Labour to use this horror to forward their agenda.

Before the blood of the victims is even dry. It is equal parts obscene and imbecilic.

The Police Commissioner, Mike Bush, quickly expressed his joy at her comments and the crooked Police Union were likewise ecstatic. Posting a vicious press release that instructed shooters to stay out of the process as they re write our gun laws!!


Not likely.


1st October 2018

Police Refuse to Tell Shooters Their Policy WHILE Prosecuting the Elderly For Following Their Last Instructions

  1. Once upon a time the Police measured the length of an MSSA rifle with any folding or collapsing stock in the open position. They put that in writing.
  2. Then we heard that they had changed that policy. But told nobody. So we asked. Police insisted on treating the simple question as an Official Information Act request and waited a month to reply.
  3. Yes - Police were now measuring rifles folded.
  4. We campaigned for the Police to at least include the length of any permanently affixed muzzle device. They finally agreed. Confirming at a Pistol Club meeting and an Antique Arms meeting that if a tool was required for removal then it would be included in overall length. Police put this in writing.
  5. Then we heard that this policy had changed yet again.When we asked if the rumors of the change were true the Police would not answer. Once again we had to apply under the Official Information Act and wait another month to discover the truth.
  6. But we didn’t. Police asked for an extension of the time limit. They needed more time to check THEIR OWN policy.
  8. Read that again because it is insane.
  9. Police refused - in writing - to tell us the current policy that we need to know to avoid prison.
  10. They did this WHILE prosecuting an elderly man for following their WRITTEN POLICY of only weeks before.
  11. It took complaints to the Police Minister (Who did nothing) and the Police Commissioner (Who did nothing) and the IPCA (Who did nothing) and the Ombudsmanā’s Office who may have finally caused Police to answer.
  12. Yes. An MSSA would now be measured only until the rifling stopped. Even if a long flash hider was welded on. There was still no campaign in the gun magazines or social media to ensure that responsible shooters were aware of the reversal of policy. Policy that could jail them. Nothing.
  13. Police have now been taken to the High Court to challenge their policy here. In addition to being nonsensical and completely unnecessary in the first place, legal specialists also believe that it is illegal. A decision is pending.
  14. This is absolutely disgraceful. Tell your MP that the NZ Police refuse to tell shooters what we need to know to avoid jail. Insanity.

Of course no compensation is offered to shooters who invest in equipment based on the written policy of the Police.



1st June 2018

Recidivist Criminals Attack Police

The Shooter’s Lottery received shocking figures from the Ministry of Justice today. Detailing just how many criminals were repeat offenders when it came to threatening Police with firearms.

We know that a relatively few recidivist criminals are responsible for the vast majority of gun offending in New Zealand so wanted to see if this was also the case here.



How can there now be ANY doubt – ANY debate – on where the issue is?

We MUST target criminals to make assaults on Police unthinkable.

So why is the crooked Police Union silent?

Their president told us that the Union understands that the Labour government will not jail criminals. So they simply won’t ask for it. This is insane.

The fact that more than 50 criminals have done this repeatedly is a national disgrace.

The fact that one scumbag is going for ten separate convictions for this most serious of offending is beyond belief.

But when the last career gangster shot at Police, with an illegally imported gun, while absconded from his last non-custodial sentence, our gun laws were supposedly to blame? Enough is enough.

We at the Kiwi Gun Blog sincerely doubt that many lawfully owned firearms are represented in the figures above. The criminals are the problem – address the problem.


23th April 2018

Police Arm Still MORE Criminals

Mike McIlraith, the Officer in Charge of the Arms Act Service Delivery Group, has just admitted another epic failure. Waiting for his annual leave to do so.

We have been chasing the number of people with a criminal record in Australia who have then been given a New Zealand firearms licence. We finally have the answer - 1,132.

At least 36 of these criminals are KNOWN to have gone on to commit gun crime here.

NOTE!!! This figure only covers deportations! The true numbers will be much, much worse. If a criminal simply chooses to migrate then they are uncounted.

One case involved just such a vicious Aussie criminal who volunteered to come back to New Zealand. With fifty three convictions. He was promptly given a firearms licence and went on to sell a massive armory of weapons to our gangs. $50,000 worth. After criminally modifying them.

Fully four years after this case, Mike McIlraith told us yesterday that: “In respect of your IPCA related matter for returning New Zealanders applying for a firearms licence, we are working on our policy”.

If our customs and immigration services can search for the criminal records of EVERY applicant – then why can’t NZ Police? What does the vetting fee pay for?

It is now clear that management of the Arms Act MUST be taken from the Police. Their incompetence is beyond dangerous and has been for decades.

Naturally the Police Union is silent on this issue. Content to target lawful shooters. Because they admit that their Labour Party cohorts simply won’t consider jailing gun criminals.


13th April 2018

Police Arm Our Gang Members

The public were shocked to hear Police admitting to the Law and Order select committee that 29 gang members were known to have gun licences. Since then, the Shooters Lottery have been trying to find out what happened to the criminals.

This information has only now been released - after ten months of chasing. A significant breach of the Official Information Act. But only after complaints were lodged with both the Ombudsman’s office and the IPCA. Police were clearly not in a hurry to have these facts known.

So of the original 29 gang members known to have a firearms licence –

19 still have their gun licence.

At least three have since committed a gun crime.

Four have surrendered their licence.

Only five were revoked.

One is dead.

Five people STILL ON THE GANG LIST have been left armed.

Fourteen people who were known criminals have been left armed. Assumed to now be fully rehabilitated.

The police ignored our question as to whether the physical licenses had been recovered.

The police ignored our question as to when any actions were taken. Did the gun crimes happen LONG AFTER the Police were aware of these armed criminals? It would appear so.

After an in person meeting early last year - this writer was assured that the matter would be followed up on. It wasn’t. Then the following email response was received after chasing:

On 7/5/2017 7:48 AM, MCILRAITH, Michael wrote:

In respect of the 29 gang members with firearms licences.  I have asked the question of where Police are with this.  More information is coming but from what I am told the majority have been addressed appropriately.  Will let you know once I have a proper update.

Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith  Officer in Charge | Arms Act Service Delivery | New Zealand Police
|    E

‘Addressed appropriately’…. The promised update never occurred. But nearly a year later – we now know the extent of the Police failure here. There are simply no excuses. Applicant for a firearms license must be ‘Fit and proper’. Any criminal connections to the applicant prevent that. If any later arise – the licence is revoked. The end.


3rd April 2018

How Often Are The Same Criminals Found With Guns?

Look at this table below. We asked for the top ten offenders and these are not arrests - just convictions. Since 1980. 

cought with guns


How can one criminal be caught with illegal guns at least nine times and not be rotting in a prison for life? Remember that our worst offender has 46 firearms convictions.

The Shooter's Lottery have proven that the issue is recidivism from a small number of criminals. The evidence removes all doubt of this time and time again.

14th March 2018

An End to the Firearm Suicide Lie

At a recent firearm seminar the academics were exploring new ways to attack responsible firearm ownership. One of their ploys was to suggest that gun ownership caused suicide.

Apparently guns make it all too easy to act on impulse…. Based on their ‘anecdotal research’. Unless you are using a spirit medium, that is somewhat less than scientific.

If anything, overseas evidence suggests that the act of taking a gun from a safe and loading it, under unsafe conditions, could trigger a re-thinking of a desperate person’s actions. The sheer wrongness of that, after years of negative reinforcement, could cause pause. We don’t know.

What was NOT presented to the assembled folk at that seminar was anything remotely like evidence.

So the Kiwi Gun Blog has simply done the most OBVIOUS THING IN THE WORLD. We have compared the number of firearms owned per region to the number of suicides by firearm for those same regions. As carefully as we could.

The Police have twelve Policing regions and the district health boards that record the suicides in their area of responsibility number twenty. So we simply put those DHB districts into the Police ones and then you have the following table:



You will notice that there is NO correlation between the ownership of firearms and the likely-hood of suicide. None. At all.

Districts with more guns routinely have less suicides. Some districts with a fraction of the guns of other areas can have twice the firearm suicides – or more. Districts with thousands of firearm owners can have none. One district with the same number of guns as another can have six times the other’s rate.

So clearly – OTHER FACTORS ARE IN PLAY and need to be addressed.

As it stands now:

97% of women who take their own life DO NOT use a gun.

90% of men who take their own life DO NOT use a gun.

In the case of both genders – ROPE accounts for half or more of all deaths ruled suicide.

But apparently if all firearms are vanished away with magic – then these troubled souls will never consider switching to another method. Rubbish. If firearms were not available we would be surprised if ANY lives were saved.

In Japan, with almost no legal firearm ownership, the suicide rate is so high that train companies are billing the victim’s families for the cost of clean up.

When confronted with evidence like this the academics will always just shrug it off because they simply know the truth. In their hearts. That is the qualification for a TV psychic – NOT a scientist.

Meanwhile Lifeline New Zealand is defunded by the government WHILE the ‘peace studies’ fraudsters are given millions – to fake concern over suicide prevention. Absolutely disgraceful.


13th March 2018

Gun Crime is Free in New Zealand

The Shooter's Lottery are working to build a complete picture of the systemic problems of our Justice system when it comes to the punishment of armed offenders.

There have been some shocking revelations but the government can still surprise. This just in from the Justice Department:

"I have been advised that less than 10% of the people sentenced to imprisonment ... were sentenced to a cumulative sentence (which indicates that they must have had at least one other convicted charge sentenced at the same time).  The rest were concurrent sentences, but that does not indicate whether or not there were other charges involved".

In short – less than ten percent of those FOUND GUILTY AND CONVICTED of gun crime will ever serve a second’s punishment for that offence.

Readers must remember that this is a cascade of failures.

Firstly only 8% of gun burglars will ever face a judge. Perhaps because Police don’t even attend over 10% of robberies. When they DO its days later. Or by PHONE.

In the unlikely event that a criminal IS found, then sent to a judge, then found guilty, then the penalty will be a joke Remember that one offender has 46 firearm convictions.

But then, having sifted down from the initial group of offenders needing attention, then the judge makes even THAT pitiful sentence concurrent with the penalty for other offending.

So…. free.

Gun crime in New Zealand is simply free for over 90% of offenders who are found and convicted.

But it is unlikely that they will be discovered in the first place because of Police inaction. So the odds of a serious punishment are impossibly in their favor.

So why would a criminal NOT choose to acquire and use an illegal gun?

Even so you must remember – gun crime is all YOUR fault as a licensed shooter. Even though only 1 in a 100 gun crimes are committed by a licensed shooter. The only way to stop the 99% of outlaws is by punishing YOU with ever increasing restrictions.

7th march 2018

More Insane Lies From the Police Union

Cahill and his Union were all over the media again recently. Again with the most shamelessly invented fear-mongering. Again, the fake news media lapped it up without question. Again, he is given long periods of airtime to perform, with the only interruption being the fawning agreement of the interviewers. The Shooter's Lottery have lodged formal complaints with every news service that ran the propaganda. Radio, online, print and television.

What makes this even more inexcusable is that the Shooter's Lottery had JUST sent all media a warning about Cahill's new claims and proof of their deception only a week before. So we don't even expect our journalists to fact check anymore. Only to use the evidence that we send them - like psychics - before the Police Union's propaganda arrives. With this last round of fake news Cahill will get on the news and we only get a talk back call to correct it.


When it comes to newspapers - the Police Union gets nationwide coverage for any lie. Shooters - at best - get a letter to the paper for reply. But only to reply. Never to put our own case. This must change. Our numbers can do that. Join your friends to the Shooter's Lottery today.



27 February 2018

Police Response to Gun Thefts is absolutely inexcusable.

Police have just confirmed to the Shooter's Lottery that if you report your firearm stolen – fully 12% of cases will not even be attended by a Police officer. Of the cases that Police DO consider ‘Followed up’ – that may just be a phone call.

Our Police are SO concerned with firearm thefts that they cant be bothered even sending someone over to dust for prints. If they do – it may be days later and after evidence is lost.



We have heard of Police taking much longer than two days to respond. We have also heard of a case from a reader that blew our minds….

A gun was stolen.

The Police refused to even accept the serial number that the owner had carefully recorded.

The victim then asked around and quickly identified the offender.

The victim then found the scumbag thief posing with HIS firearm on Facebook!

This evidence was then given to Police who say “How do we know that it is YOUR gun?”


No wonder Police bring only 8% of gun thieves to justice

.But our Police still have time to invent new illegal requirements for the ‘safe storage’ of our guns. Our guns will never be safe as long as criminals have no fear of getting caught and even less fear of punishment. Its time to focus on the real problem.


12th February 2018

 University Otago Gun Control Seminar Looks to Be a Joke

Otago University has staged a rigged game in Wellington for this Wednesday. It was to be a seminar featuring ten 'experts' on the gun issue. Eight anti and two sane shooters. Because such affairs are about forwarding an agenda and NOT about determining truths.

However Philip Alpers has since pulled out and will now only be sending a pre recorded presentation. Presumably in case attendees ask how he can claim to be a professor when his mum says that he never finished school. Or how he was given a gun license when he is a convicted criminal. Or why his anti gun group's spokesperson was done for child pornography. He was soon followed by another rabidly anti gun academic, Gillespie, who has now also jumped ship and will offer nothing during the event. Meanwhile the Police Union's President could not even get past ten words of his promotional introduction without lying. So his appearance will be interesting. A chance to actually call out this fraud in person. He likes to tell media that shooters wont engage with him WHILE telling us that he wants no contact with shooters.

We asked the organizer how many people they were expecting. They replied only thirty. We believe that most of these will be representatives of shooting groups - there to ensure that any ministerial advisors present will not be lied to. The Shooters Lottery will also be in attendance so expect a report next week. Interesting how as the anti gun people dropped out - they were not simply replaced with other experts. Almost as if the organizer only wanted people who push their narrative.

We did our best to secure an opinion piece in the media to help balance the debate but were offered only a letter to the editor (Seen below).  




9th February 2018

The Police Union Caught Out in Yet Another Outrageous Lie

Many will remember when Cahill from the Police Union was scaremongering in our media about the horrific number of Police officers facing guns in the hands of criminals last year.

Radio Live reported his claims that 1 in 8 of the 12,000 cops in New Zealand have been threatened with a firearm in the last 12 months. That is 1,500 police.

"For frontline officers, a staggering 1 in 5 have been threatened with a firearm". That is: 2,400

Well we have finally got the real numbers from the real Police. Its 18. With only 12 prosecutions resulting. In three cases Police were fired on. Without injury.
Almost every case would have preventable with the threat of a serious penalty. Many would have been replica guns or airsoft toys. Likely none of these incidents would have been perpetrated by licensed owners. Also likely - many of the offenders would already be serving non custodial sentences at the time of the crimes.

Why would ANY media still make themselves vulnerable by using the crooked Union's figures? Their credibility is utterly shot.

We have forwarded this information to every MP so they will have no illusion as to who they are dealing with. How did the Green Party respond to this proof of corruption in a major lobbyist? They asked us to remove them from our mailing list. They are accountable only to their central committee, not the voters. Silly of us to forget. Please remember that this is the party with an official firearms policy that thinks we are in Canada. Read that again.

17th January 2018

Police Bring Only 8% of Gun Thieves to Justice

The firearm community have repeatedly documented the pathetic penalties handed down to firearm thieves in this country.

But we have now discovered that for every 100 burglaries where a gun is stolen – only eight offenders ever face a judge.

The figures were released to the Shooter's Lottery by Police this week as an Official Information Act request.

As an additional insult – the Police are currently acting outside of law in demanding punitive additional security on the storage of firearms.

Police cannot expect US to solve THEIR problems. Nor to distract from them.

The Minister of Police, Stuart Nash, has been asked to investigate this utter failure on the part of his service.

The Police Association has naturally refused comment.


December 12, 2017

Police Seeking Changes to Our Gun Laws - Again.

In a briefing to the new Police Minister, Stuart Nash, the police referred to our firearm laws as a "key legislation and policy matter" and urged changes.

It is impossible to know WHAT is proposed as the Police briefing papers were heavily redacted (Blacked out) before public release.

Police have told media they hope to 'address' these issues within the first 100 days.
On a positive note, the Minister has just told shooting groups that " I am more than happy to work with firearms groups in terms of any changes. I have instructed Police to consult widely and constructively on any proposed changes. Any changes in legislation will also go through the proper process, thus allowing all NZers to have a say through the select committee process".

Lets hold him to that. It is important for as many shooters as possible, from around the nation, to contact the Minister and insist that the criminal misuse of firearms become the focus of any new legislation. Also that the rights of lawful firearm users must be respected.

Police News

November 27, 2017

Police Confirm that licensed shooters are a non issue in our nation's gun crime

After seven months of chasing - The office of the Ombudsman has forced Police to release the figures that they had previously denied us. We can see why.

Of the last 100 serious crimes with firearms - only ONE was perpetrated by a licensed shooter.

Police have yet to confirm if this was THEIR Invercargill based officer - Ben McLean.

The same figures also showed that of those 100 firearm crimes only TWO involved a so called Military Style rifle.

The numbers don't lie. Licensed shooters are NOT a problem and neither are our modern sporting rifles.


November 17, 2017

The Shooter’s Lottery Calls For Action On Recidivist Firearm Offenders.

Information compiled by the Shooter’s Lottery shows that New Zealand's worst gun offender has 46 separate convictions. That is JUST for guns.

The top five offenders have 135 convictions between them. Again - just for their firearm offences.

Around 10% of gang members have five OR MORE firearm offenses under their belt.

Some of our most serious gang crime is committed by offenders serving non-custodial sentences for their LAST gun crime - only weeks before.

Criminals caught with assault rifles and illegal handguns get community diversion.

Yet the Police Association NEVER mention this issue. Ever. Preferring instead to vilify New Zealand’s quarter of a million licensed gun owners. Who are simply not the problem.

This casual recidivism is the result of a complete betrayal of trust by our Parliament and courts. This current situation can NOT be allowed to continue.