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12th February 2018

Otago University Gun Control Seminar Looks to Be a Joke

Otago University has staged a rigged game in Wellington for this Wednesday. It was to be a seminar featuring ten 'experts' on the gun issue. Eight anti and two sane shooters. Because such affairs are about forwarding an agenda and NOT about determining truths.

However Philip Alpers has since pulled out and will now only be sending a pre recorded presentation. Presumably in case attendees ask how he can claim to be a professor when his mum says that he never finished school. Or how he was given a gun license when he is a convicted criminal. Or why his anti gun group's spokesperson was done for child pornography. He was soon followed by another rabidly anti gun academic, Gillespie, who has now also jumped ship and will offer nothing during the event. Meanwhile the Police Union's President could not even get past ten words of his promotional introduction without lying. So his appearance will be interesting. A chance to actually call out this fraud in person. He likes to tell media that shooters wont engage with him WHILE telling us that he wants no contact with shooters.

We asked the organizer how many people they were expecting. They replied only thirty. We believe that most of these will be representatives of shooting groups - there to ensure that any ministerial advisors present will not be lied to. The Shooters Lottery will also be in attendance so expect a report next week. Interesting how as the anti gun people dropped out - they were not simply replaced with other experts. Almost as if the organizer only wanted people who push their narrative.

We did our best to secure an opinion piece in the media to help balance the debate but were offered only a letter to the editor (Seen below).  




9th February 2018

The Police Union Caught Out in Yet Another Outrageous Lie

Many will remember when Cahill from the Police Union was scaremongering in our media about the horrific number of Police officers facing guns in the hands of criminals last year.

Radio Live reported his claims that 1 in 8 of the 12,000 cops in New Zealand have been threatened with a firearm in the last 12 months. That is 1,500 police.

"For frontline officers, a staggering 1 in 5 have been threatened with a firearm". That is: 2,400

Well we have finally got the real numbers from the real Police. Its 18. With only 12 prosecutions resulting. In three cases Police were fired on. Without injury.
Almost every case would have preventable with the threat of a serious penalty. Many would have been replica guns or airsoft toys. Likely none of these incidents would have been perpetrated by licensed owners. Also likely - many of the offenders would already be serving non custodial sentences at the time of the crimes.

Why would ANY media still make themselves vulnerable by using the crooked Union's figures? Their credibility is utterly shot.

We have forwarded this information to every MP so they will have no illusion as to who they are dealing with. How did the Green Party respond to this proof of corruption in a major lobbyist? They asked us to remove them from our mailing list. They are accountable only to their central committee, not the voters. Silly of us to forget. Please remember that this is the party with an official firearms policy that thinks we are in Canada. Read that again.

17th January 2018

Police Bring Only 8% of Gun Thieves to Justice

The firearm community have repeatedly documented the pathetic penalties handed down to firearm thieves in this country.

But we have now discovered that for every 100 burglaries where a gun is stolen – only eight offenders ever face a judge.

The figures were released to the Shooter's Lottery by Police this week as an Official Information Act request.

As an additional insult – the Police are currently acting outside of law in demanding punitive additional security on the storage of firearms.

Police cannot expect US to solve THEIR problems. Nor to distract from them.

The Minister of Police, Stuart Nash, has been asked to investigate this utter failure on the part of his service.

The Police Association has naturally refused comment.


November 17, 2017

The Shooter’s Lottery Calls For Action On Recidivist Firearm Offenders.

Information compiled by the Shooter’s Lottery shows that New Zealand's worst gun offender has 46 separate convictions. That is JUST for guns.

The top five offenders have 135 convictions between them. Again - just for their firearm offences.

Around 10% of gang members have five OR MORE firearm offenses under their belt.

Some of our most serious gang crime is committed by offenders serving non-custodial sentences for their LAST gun crime - only weeks before.

Criminals caught with assault rifles and illegal handguns get community diversion.

Yet the Police Association NEVER mention this issue. Ever. Preferring instead to vilify New Zealand’s quarter of a million licensed gun owners. Who are simply not the problem.

This casual recidivism is the result of a complete betrayal of trust by our Parliament and courts. This current situation can NOT be allowed to continue.


November 27, 2017

Police Confirm that licensed shooters are a non issue in our nation's gun crime

After seven months of chasing - The office of the Ombudsman has forced Police to release the figures that they had previously denied us. We can see why.

Of the last 100 serious crimes with firearms - only ONE was perpetrated by a licensed shooter.

Police have yet to confirm if this was THEIR Invercargill based officer - Ben McLean.

The same figures also showed that of those 100 firearm crimes only TWO involved a so called Military Style rifle.

The numbers don't lie. Licensed shooters are NOT a problem and neither are our modern sporting rifles.


December 12, 2017

Police Seeking Changes to Our Gun Laws - Again.

In a briefing to the new Police Minister, Stuart Nash, the police referred to our firearm laws as a "key legislation and policy matter" and urged changes.

It is impossible to know WHAT is proposed as the Police briefing papers were heavily redacted (Blacked out) before public release.

Police have told media they hope to 'address' these issues within the first 100 days.
On a positive note, the Minister has just told shooting groups that " I am more than happy to work with firearms groups in terms of any changes. I have instructed Police to consult widely and constructively on any proposed changes. Any changes in legislation will also go through the proper process, thus allowing all NZers to have a say through the select committee process".

Lets hold him to that. It is important for as many shooters as possible, from around the nation, to contact the Minister and insist that the criminal misuse of firearms become the focus of any new legislation. Also that the rights of lawful firearm users must be respected.

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