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1. The Shooter's Lottery objects to the mindless and arbitrary increasing of secure storage requirements for firearms. Gangs are repeatedly entering shooter's homes and demanding that safes be opened at knife point. Such gun thefts can only be prevented in partnership with government. Shooters can only secure their arms against curious children, the mentally unwell and opportunistic burglars. Not organized crime. Only the Police and Courts can achieve that.
As it stands now, gun thieves in New Zealand are unlucky if they even receive a fine for less than the value of the rifle they stole. Often the crime is completely free of consequence. Only 8% of gun thieves are even captured by Police. Who treat firearm robberies with no more urgency or priority than the taking of a lawn mower. Indeed Police don't even attend 12% of crime scenes. If they do - it is often days later and by PHONE. We assume that the victim is asked to describe the fingerprints found? Firearm crime MUST be given a greater priority.

2. The Shooter's Lottery wants to make the theft of, criminal use of and possession of firearms for crime an aggravating factor in sentencing. No more home detention for those found with sawn off shotguns and AK47s. Our firearm penalties are a sick joke. One offender has 46 separate convictions for the misuse of firearms.

3. The SHooter's Lottery rejects the registration of all firearms.

This has failed in every nation that it has been tried – including New Zealand. We abandoned the historical system due to 66% inaccuracy. Canada has also just dumped their system after running BILLIONS of dollors over budget and producing nothing of value at any price.

Criminals here are known to grind off serial numbers, defeating a lumbering multi-million dollar system in seconds. Right now only handguns, some semi-automatic rifles and collectables are recorded. Police have confirmed that even this low number of records is known to be massively inaccurate. Yet they have NEVER run an audit and reject Shooter’s demands for this because they are “Too busy”.